FAI Season Ticket Campaign 2017/18: Record sales again

The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) have hit record season ticket sales again, with more tickets sold for the 2017/18 season than any season previous. We’ve spoken previously about the benefits of a strong focus on season tickets and how valuable it can be to an organisation through our #MatchDayInsights and #RugbyInsights articles.

This is Atomic Sport’s third season working on the season ticket campaign for the FAI (Review of 2016/17 Season Ticket campaign). The conscious effort is to always look at previous campaigns, and the best in class from around the world and see how we can improve, this season was no different.

Going into the 2017/18 season, Ireland was in a great position to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but nothing was a given yet. More than any season previous there was a high level of familiarity and affinity with the Irish players that had potential to be capitalised on, and in turn, could be used to sell season tickets on the back of that positivity.

By focusing on three core stages, we were able to capitalise on the positive affinity towards the team and help the FAI sell their Season Tickets:


Stage 1: Pre-sale Stories

Through a sponsored podcast we were able to legitimately talk about season tickets through insightful and interesting discussion with the players in the lead-up to the launch of season tickets. The interviews were also purposed to deepen the connection between fans and players, so in conjunction with Jarlath Regan and his podcast “Irish Man Abroad” we conducted intimate interviews with players from the Irish squad.

Interviews were picked up by press and featured heavily in national papers, again with the season ticket message.


Stage 2: Tickets on sale

“There through it all” was the campaign message and was executed through two visuals, one with a male and a second with a female supporter, that depicted a fan through the full range of emotions being an Irish football fan, from utter despair to pure ecstasy. These executions ran across all owned and paid for media, including social, display, video and in-stadium videos on the jumbo screen and pitch-side LEDs.

Creative execution for 2017/18 FAI Season Ticket Campaign

In addition, fans were directed to a dedicated Season Ticket site (faiseasontickets.ie), where they could find out all information about buying a season ticket with a direct link to sales without distractions such as news, or larger navigation required on their main site.

Stage 3: Campaign longevity

By celebrating the commitment of being an Irish fan, we could highlight the benefits of season tickets. Though reportage photography and clever copy we could extend the duration of the season ticket campaign through social, providing lots of imagery to keep the campaign fresh which being able to talk about the benefits of being a season ticket holder long after the campaign launched.


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